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Advisory Services

Numbers should reveal the economic truth, but the language of the numbers may not be so obvious or can even be misleading, especially when you are busy being the best in your industry. We examine financial records and practices and make recommendations to help our clients minimize risks and take advantage of opportunities. We help our clients to understand the numbers in their language.

We offer the following advisory services:

Financial statement analysis

Financial statement analysis involves reviewing a business's financial statements and identifying potential issues or problems. Our team then provides recommendations on how to address these issues. Financial statement analysis is essential for companies that want to ensure their finances are in order and meet all the necessary accounting regulations.

Tax planning

We leverage our extensive knowledge and experience of Canadian tax laws to help our clients with tax planning and ensure they achieve their business and personal goals. 

Tax planning involves analysis of the financials and your plans for retirement to ensure everything is aligned correctly to decrease your tax burden. It also helps ensure that your investments are on pace to grow, reduce liabilities, and hit your financial targets.

Cash Flow Management

Our clients frequently request help with the process of monitoring the business's incoming and outgoing cash flow. It keeps track of their finances and avoids spending more than the cash inflow. Cash flow management involves tracking expenses, monitoring invoices, and ensuring that all bills are paid on time. Clients can prevent financial problems and keep their finances healthy with a sound cash flow strategy.

Risk Management

Risk management allows our clients to protect themselves from potential problems by partnering with our experts. Our risk management team identifies potential risks, assesses the likelihood of those risks occurring, and takes steps to mitigate those risks. The business can minimize the chances of something going wrong and safeguard its interests by leveraging a comprehensive risk management strategy.

Business Registration

Our team has helped 100s of clients take their first step and make their dreams a reality by opening a business. We follow this process to ensure a smooth registration for your business.

Choose a business structure

Ready to start your business? Let's help you take your first step, register your business. 

The first step is to help you choose a business structure. It will determine which government authorities we must register with and the eligibility for tax benefits. Our team helps you understand the difference between the three business structures and guide you to pick the best structure for your unique situation.
Sole proprietorship
A sole proprietorship is the simplest type of business structure. This type of business is owned and operated by one person. The owner has complete control over the company and is responsible for all debts and liabilities incurred by the business.
A partnership is a business structure in which two or more people work together to run the business. Partnerships can be either general or limited. In a general partnership, all partners are equally liable for the debts and liabilities of the business. In a limited partnership, only one partner is responsible for the debts and liabilities of the business.
A corporation is a business structure that offers limited liability protection to its owners. The corporation is owned by shareholders and is operated by a board of directors.

Register with the appropriate government authorities

Once we help you choose a business structure, our clients are referred to a business lawyer for business registration.
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Obtain the necessary permits and licenses

Depending on the business you are starting, you may need to obtain specific permits and licenses before you can begin operating. These permits and licenses can vary depending on your location and the type of business you are starting. Our team can guide you on the best practices to ensure a smooth process for obtaining these permits and licenses.

Business valuations

Getting an accurate valuation makes it easy for your business to make sound financial decisions and maximize its value. At Lynn Liu CPA Professional Corporation, our fun and responsible professionals help our clients determine the economic value of a business with care and dedication. 

We thoroughly assess the financial performance and future prospects of the business and its assets and liabilities. The team looks at the bigger picture to evaluate the accurate value of your business, including discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, which takes into account the estimated future cash flows of the business and discounts them back to today's values, the company's earning potential, competitive position, and intangible assets such as brand value. 

You can rest assured that our team will always be on your side to help you get the maximum value for your business.

Mergers and acquisitions

We are often called in to help with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) because of our expertise in deals' financial planning and execution. When two businesses merge, many complex financial transactions must be handled properly for the deal to go through smoothly. We ensure that all the finances are in order and the new company is set up for success.

Business exit planning

We help our clients create a strategy for how a business will be sold, transferred, or wound down when the current owner decides to leave the company. Our process involves planning anything from selling the company outright to transferring it to a family member or employee.

We ensure our clients have:

a smooth transition when the time comes for the owner to leave;
peace of mind by knowing that everything has been planned out in advance;
maximized the value of the business by preparing it for sale
protection against any unexpected events that may occur during retirement or succession planning.

Retirement planning

Our business clients work hard on their businesses to build a legacy and a promising future for themselves. To help our clients achieve a remarkable retirement life, we begin with understanding their goals and needs, the lifestyle they dream of during retirement and their financial situation. Using these data points, we help our clients create a target, map out the strategy to reach their goal and help them work towards it.

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