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Challenging Status Quo because We Care...

We challenge the status quo by caring, being approachable and responsible to help our clients achieve business and personal goals.

    A few Stats

    We Understand Your Business 

    100s of Clients Trust us with their accounting and bookkeeping needs.

    What can we help with?

    From day-to-day bookkeeping to financials and taxes, we help our clients with customized accounting and tax solutions
    We empower individuals and businesses with comprehensive accounting and tax solutions for optimal financial success.
    Since our clients work closely with our experienced team throughout the year, we are able to help them with their corporate and individual taxes to maximize their returns and benefits.
    Numbers tell a story, but the language of the numbers is unclear, especially when you are busy being the best in your industry. We advise our clients to help make the right decision (using the numbers) in their business and personal taxes to hit their goals.

    Can retain us

    Our team of caring accountants helps clients in Real Estate, Medical and Entertainment industries.
    Real Estate Professional
    As a Real Estate professional, you are focused on achieving your Chairman or Diamond award - or helping your next buyer get their dream home. You are doing it all for a bigger purpose... the reason that keeps you going and working long hours. We are here to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.
    Medical Professional
    Whether it's a one-person show or a team of professionals in the office, most medical industry clients are driven by the cause and passion. We support our Medical professional clients with number crunching and advisory, so you can focus on your passion and the impact on the world.
    Entertainment Professional
    As an entertainment professional, you are dedicated to becoming the best in your craft... even if you are there, there is always some new milestone you set up for yourself. At Lynn Liu CPA Professional Corporation, we understand your professional and personal goals and help you work towards them with our advising, accounting and taxation services.
    As a Not-for-Profit organization, you are on a mission to make the world a better place, and we are dedicated to making your accounting department run smoothly. Our team provides virtual CFO, accounting, taxation and advisory services to Not-for-Profit organizations in GTA.
    Technology Firms
    Our team works with many fast pace tech firms on a constant growth trajectory. We work with expanding tech firms to support their accounting department handle the growth and scale efficiently while staying compliant and avoiding penalties.
    Food & Beverage
    The Lynn Liu CPA Professional Corporation team works closely with food & beverage companies to manage their day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll and financial records and assist with taxations. We also provide advisory services to help you understand the opportunities and challenges revealed by the numbers.

    You are different...
    "OMG, You care about me and my business!"

    Lynn Liu started her accounting career by working with other accounting firms, where she started getting comments from clients that she is not like others; she is different.

    This statement left a lasting impression when one client gave an explanation.

    Lynn, you know you are different. I feel you genuinely care about me and my business, a trait harder to find than prospecting gold."

    Lynn opened her doors to provide exceptional service for clients, a service that would help them achieve their business and personal goals. She quickly found that many of her clients were surprised by the level of care and attention she provided. They appreciated being able to approach her with any questions or concerns.

    The firm has grown many folds since the start, and now Lynn Liu CPA Professional Corporation is a team of responsible and approachable accountants, ensuring that each client receives the best care.

    Clients choose to stay with us because...

    We care
    Our clients are busy professionals working hard to be the go-to business in their field, and we make sure that our team helps them make the right decision with the data.
    We are responsible
    Our clients are busy professionals working hard to be the go-to business in their field, and we make sure that our team helps them make the right decision with the data.
    We are approachable
    You don't have to wait for weeks to get a reply to your emails or phone calls for a question you probably forgot or an opportunity you missed. At Lynn Liu CPA Professional Corporation, approachability for our clients is one of the top 3 priorities. We always make time to answer client questions or consultations during regular business hours.

    Challenging the status quo...

    Our team works hard to challenge the norm and bring you the best service.

    You won't face any of these challenges working with us.

    Lack of transparency

    Little to no

    Inexperienced staff

    No customer service

    No professionalism


    Missed deadlines

    Penalties caused
    by the firm

    Poorly organized

    No consultation

    Aggressive behaviour
    towards clients

    client emails

    Lack of attention
    and care

    Too busy to care

    Not approachable

    No business support

    QuickBooksTM Certified

    We love using technology to streamline the process and ensure accuracy. That’s why our team is QuickBooksTM Certified. We use QuickBooksTM to manage the financial records for majority of our clients because it is reliable, easy for clients to access and offers great support.

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      An accounting team that cares, is approachable and responsible. We tell the story that numbers reveal for professionals in Real Estate, Medical and Entertainment industry (a flowery way to say that we crunch the numbers and help you understand opportunities and obstacles).

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